Faux Suede Care Instructions

How to wash faux suede

Although most faux suede is machine washable, it’s important to check your garment’s care labels before putting it in the washing machine. If the label is missing or difficult to read, always handwash your garment with a gentle detergent and lay it flat to dry to be on the safe side.

Detergent: Gentle detergent

Water Temperature: Cold to warm

Cycle Type**: Delicate or hand-wash

Drying Cycle: Air-dry, towel dry, tumble dry (if suggested on the label)

**Machine washable: wash it on its own or with similar fabrics to prevent lint from collecting on its surface. 

Unless the care label suggests otherwise, always opt for a gentle or delicate cycle to clean your garments and a mild detergent.

Once your item of clothing is dry, if it feels stiff, brush the surface of the fabric with a soft-bristled brush to soften it back up

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